AB Power Advisors is a premier consulting and advisory services firm that specializes in delivering customized solutions to the U.S. power industry. Our team leverages our diverse practical experiences to offer a wide array of consulting and advisory services to a diverse group of clients. We know what impacts our clients because we’ve sat on the same side of the table as them.


Regulatory Advisory/
Market Analysis

  • Detailed ERCOT/PUCT regulatory meeting coverage that goes beyond simple note taking and focuses on items that are commercially relevant to our clients
  • Translate regulatory information into major risk/opportunity matrix identifying key commercial impacts and disseminating that information to clients on a real-time basis
  • Assistance for ERCOT/PUCT annual regulatory filings
  • Daily, weekly, and/or monthly market reports that offer insights on relevant issues to the customer
  • Short-term, medium-term, and long-term power market fundamental analysis, forecasts, insight, and commentary
  • Real-time & day-ahead historical pricing analysis, Ad hoc market analysis and research

Energy Procurement/
Asset Optimization

  • Commercial strategy development, recommendation, and execution for load management
  • Energy Management Agreement, PPA, and Tolling agreement assessment
  • Demand and energy management services (4CP, ERS, ancillary services, real-time price response, short/long-term market insight)
  • Thermal and Renewable Asset Optimization Strategy Development
  • Detailed Asset/Portfolio Valuation and Forecasting
  • Intrinsic/Extrinsic Gross Margin Value modeling of portfolio

Renewable Offtake Origination

  • Competitive assessment of project’s PPA cost inputs, location, and deal requirements to determine project viability
  • Commercial strategy development, recommendation, and execution for renewable power assets
  • Project introduction to municipal utilities, electric cooperatives, retailers, marketers, and industrials
  • Coordinate with counsel on the client’s behalf as the commercial stakeholder in the PPA negotiation
  • AB Power will serve as the lead client representative for the end-user load, 3rd party energy manager, counsel, and others to oversee implementation of PPA

Capital Deployment/
M&A Support

  • Buy/Sell side expert analysis (power generation assets, commercial books, wholesale/retail
    power businesses)
  • Investor/Project Qualification (Capital Support)
  • Asset Review (Macro/Micro/Buy/
    Exit Assessment)
  • Critical Value Outlook – Major Revenue/Risk Assessment
  • Portfolio Valuation/Enterprise
    Value Analysis
  • Energy Management Agreement, PPA, and Tolling agreement review and analysis
  • Complete market feasibility analysis for new entrants to US retail or wholesale power market